6 Ways to Woo a Potential Client

Every successful businessman must know how to effectively schmooze the client. It is an art that once mastered, greatly improves business prospects. There is no wrong or right way to impress a client, but there are general methods that have proven success.

Say Their Names

Learn your client’s full name. Also double check to clarify the correct spelling and pronunciation. If unsure about the right pronunciation, ask the client during the first meeting. You may feel some embarrassment asking this question, but it will save you future humiliation if you fail to learn the correct pronunciation.

Additionally, asking about it shows that you have a genuine interest in the customer. The repeatedly mentioning of a client’s name demonstrates your commitment to focus on their individual needs.

Stay Available to Clients

Promptly answer any calls, emails, or texts from the potential client. The quick responses show the clients that their needs come first for you. It acts as a preview on how you will handle their business problems. Being available to them shows that you respect the importance of their business.

Face-to-Face Interactions

If possible, meet often with the client. This helps create a more personal repertoire and humanizes your business. They now have a face to go along with those emails and calls.

Add fun to these business meetings by making them a mini adventure. These adventures could be anything from trying a new place for lunch to seeing a magic show.

When you cannot meet your potential client in-person, connect through video messaging calls.

Become Familiar with Your Clients

Go beyond the monthly schmoozing meetings. Pay close attention to everything said by the potential clients. Draw upon the personal knowledge to organize meetings at their favorite places, or participate in their favorite hobbies.

Stalk their social media accounts if you need more leverage to use to woo them. Their social media likes and posts should give a better sense of their hobbies.

Give Gifts

Show your potential clients a little appreciation with small gifts. Occasionally, give them small unexpected presents. Try traditional client gifts such as edible arrangements, or ones more catered to their needs. Use Groupon’s coupons to save a little on these small tokens of affection.

Thank you cards can also act as client gifts.

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